Autumn Awareness

4 Tips To Improve Your Body Awareness to Personal Safety

Leaves are falling, fresh air is blowing, and you just set your clocks forward. Don’t forget to also reset your body’s internal clock, better know as the circadian rhythm. As the seasons change it is also a good time to listen to our body clock. Yes our body is well equipped with our very own Rolex.

Body Clock1. Body Clock    
Our internal clock is preset to respond to certain rhythms. Our bodies react to light and dark, humans are more alert during daylight hours. This wonderful timekeeper is controlled by an area of the brain which responds to light, so if we are not prepared for these changes we may be caught off guard. It rises and dips throughout the day, so we need to think about how we feel before we go out to run errands or do anything outside in the community. If you are feeling too tired, just relax, put on your favorite Netflix show and enjoy being home.

2. Pay Attention
Sounds simple, yet many of us have trouble with a fundamental skill taught to us as children. Attention is the cognitive process that allows us to respond to external stimuli. So we need to make a conscious effort to look around when we are engaged in our daily activities of life, so we don’t find ourselves in a compromising situation.

Pay Attention

3. Self Awareness 
Is defined as clarity in how we see ourselves on an internal level. Think about what moment to moment sensations feel like, how are you feeling physiologically? Is your body tense, heartbeat fast, hands shaky? According to Dr. Bessel Van Dr Kolk, our body keeps the score in his work on trauma and the same can also be said about our “gut” instinct before an assault occurs. We need to trust ourselves internally to feel prepared and empowered even when our brain is telling us our thinking is illogical. We must react within 5-8 seconds, as this is as fast as an assault can occur.

Slow down4. Slow Down
Develop a safety attitude. Think now, is there anything more important than your personal safety?? Before you venture out, take some deep breaths before and after engaging in a new activity. I’m talking about simple ones; food shopping, picking up or dropping off dry cleaning, dropping off the kids to school, soccer, a rock concert. We must train our brain to be mindful all of the time, and this is why it takes practice. Lots of it!! Look below for some free mindfulness apps:

  • CALM

Till next time … BE SAFE Out There !
Sensei Marsha

Next month …. DECEMBER DEFENSE … a whole blog dedicate to self defense moves!!

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