S.A.F.E Skills

  1. One of the most important skills you can learn is understanding how your body moves and responds to different movements.
  2. We learn how our body moves the moment we are born. The body first learns big, gross body movements. Why do the big movements come before the small? You may ask yourself wouldn’t learning a small movement first be easier? Actually no. In order for the body to develop fine motor coordination it must first tryout bigger motions first. This is why babies learn to pick up their heads and roll over before trying to stand.
  3. BREATHE – If we don’t breathe, we can’t move. I’m sure since whoever is reading this right now thinks they know they can breathe, since they are alive. Sure you can, but are you breathing right?? Most of you are not. Breathing is the most basic skill, yet so many of us need to relearn this skill. Proper breathing comes from our diaphragm, In through the nose, out from the mouth. Right now place your hands on your belly. Yes you. Right now. C’mon your worth it. Feel your belly expand like a balloon as it fills up with air. HOLD IT. Then exhale. SLOWLY. The exhale must be longer than the inhale, if you are breathing in for a count of 3, breathe out for a count of 4. The exhale must be longer in order to stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system, which stimulates the vagus nerve and the relaxation response will come through.

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