The S.A.F.E Program is great to have! It’s fun to learn how to defend yourself using martial arts. I’m the Assistant Teacher for Marsha, and I’ve been helping her for the past two years. My experience at the program has been a great challenge! I get to learn what the students need to work on and sometimes give them a few tips!

When S.A.F.E first started there used to be about six students, but lately because the students like it so much our number of students has increased by 10 or more! I feel that not only the students are improving their karate skills, it’s helping me as well. I also train at a martial arts school on Long Island.
– DM

The S.A.F.E Program is an innovative way to encourage fitness and strengthen safety awareness in a vulnerable population. Every week I am impressed by the individuals desire to learn more and to successfully implement proper techniques. The strengths based perspective used by the instructor always serves to improve self
esteem and the interactive class allows the group to cheer on and support their peers.
– MA

I’ve taken Sensei Marino’s S.A.F.E Class for the last three years in the six week program at CMA in the recreation program. I really enjoy taking her class, she teaches us how to protect ourselves. She teaches us how to change a reflex of fear into a reflex of action and how to be SAFE!