These Four Self Defense Moves Could Save Your Life


Palm Heel Strike







  1. Use heel of your palm, NOT your fingers as they can easily be bent back.
  2. Keep fingers tight and together, extend hand straight to target area
  3. Bring hand back as soon as you execute strike so it will not be grabbed
    Target Areas – Under Chin, Under Nose



Knee Strike Self Defense Move







  1. Keep toes pointed down, step forward with either leg
  2. Grab opponent’s shoulders and make sure to move your head to one side, so you will not head butt and knock yourself out, bring knee forward, use your core, your center and drive forward into their body, breathe out




Low Side Kick Self Defense Move






  1. Bring your knee up as if you are marching, angle to side with feet flexed.
  2. Knee is towards you before delivering knee strike, heel hits opponent to side of their knee
  3. Be sure to bring leg back quickly to prevent it from being grabbed
  4. You will need to gauge your distance as you don’t want to be too far away when delivering the strike



Ear Stunner Self Defense Move







**This strike is to stun the person to give you time to escape, it is not intended to rupture the eardrum

  1. Cup hands as if you are swimming, or hands can be straight, strike ears with both hands at the same time, bring hands back
  2. Must be done quickly and be sure to keep hands at a reasonable distance when delivering the strike

Wishing you a happy, healthy and S.A.F.E. Holiday Season!!

See ya next year!!

Sensei Marsha

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